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about natalie

Hi I'm Natalie! I am so happy/excited/thankful you stopped by to checkout our passion project The One Seven Journal. Here is a little bit about me… starting from the beginning:

I grew up with the best parents and brothers a girl could ask for. My parents created a place where everyone belonged. Our house was the house our friends would always congregate to and to this day I love having family and friends in our home.


I went to college in Northern California. Graduated, moved to San Francisco and went to design school. I got a great job walking distance from my apartment. Along the way I reconnected with my childhood crush, Erik and you guys... I married him. He is still the cutest guy I have ever met. 

A hop, a skip into corporate America, and a jump back to to the place we both grew up to purchase our first home and where we live today. We adopted our fur child, Paisley and brought our sweet baby girl, Taylor Grace into the world.

I am deeply grateful for this journey we are on and feel so connected to the idea of sharing and creating community with other mamas on a journey of their own.

A few fun facts:

  • I was born on Christmas Eve

  • I grew up on an apple ranch.

  • I have one brother and two cousins that I consider brothers.

  • My first car was a white Chevy Blazer and I drove that baby for 12 years.

  • I once dyed my hair brown in college.

  • I interned as a stylist on the set of a Spanish soap opera.

  • I am Enneagram type 2.

  • I love cooking and baking.

  • I love reading personal development books and listening to podcasts.

  • I only started liking ice cold drinks after I had Taylor


I am so grateful you ended up here and hope you stay a while!