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our story

You know those people that you talk to for five minutes and you feel like you've known them forever... for me that person is Erica. We weren't childhood friends, we didn't meet in high school or even college but somehow our friendship transcends all of those years and I feel like she has been there forever.


Actual time, about 10 years. See our husbands grew up together and we met shortly after I started dating Erik and she started dating Broc. Fast friends that have grown together. I mean a whole lot changes in 10 years and we have helped each other navigate the twists and turns. Figuratively and literally. 

Erica and I live about 5 minutes from each other. Her family lives in La Selva Beach and mine in Seascape. We love it here nestled between the ocean and the mountains. Our own little getaway from the hustle and bustle of life "over the hill."


See, we have been commuting to Silicon Valley (read 1.5 hours in the car) for the past 3 years... I mean we have logged some MAJOR hours on the road and on the phone. We have talked on the phone close to everyday since we became road warriors and we have gotten goooood. We can cover 10 topics in 10 minutes without batting an eye. Motherhood, politics, feelings, dinner ideas, baby and toddler everything, personal style, growth, Jesus, coffee, anxiety, our dreams, our fears, parties, music, and haircuts.... You name it. 


So when she called and said lets grab coffee I have an idea I want to talk to you about, I was there. 


Erica: Let's start a blog.

Me: YES!!!!!!!


So here we are... from friends dating friends, to bridesmaids in each others weddings, to raising our daughters together, to starting this new blog journey. I mean you guys we are feeling ALL THE THINGS... mostly excited to share our lives in the earnest hope to build a community of women that want to grow, share, and collaborate like we do. 


So welcome to our pet project, our side hustle; we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.