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about erica

Every time I try to dye my hair darker, I hate it and need it back blondie blonde ASAP. Thank god my hair dresser is my bestie. Each time I do this I have to re- realize blondes have more fun! Hi, I am Erica! A wife to my handsome hubby who I adore and a Mama to my beautiful baby girl who lights up my world. Well I guess you can say she’s not quit a baby anymore but as long as I’m living my baby she will be!

I was born and raised in Silicon Valley and still work there today. I graduated from San Jose State with a BA in Business Marketing and have been running Operations for my Dad’s business for the last 10 yrs.  

Becoming a mom really shifted life for me. It’s almost like it all came to a screeching halt of now what? I grew up imagining my life and I realized I only manifested my way to 30. My vision after this fun number was dark, it stopped, nothing was there. After some time of soul searching, I knew there was more for me to do in life and I had every reason to chase after new things to simply be an example for my little human to chase after her own dreams. On to manifesting my next 30 yrs :)

My whole life my heart has come from a place of community and I did not communicate it or act on it in ways my soul wanted to. Not that I didn’t at all, I just wanted to do more. So here I am! Living my life doing the things I love, sharing the things I love, being myself and creating a community of inclusiveness around the world. I want nothing more in life than for people to feel good, feel included, feel loved, feel inspired and feel pushed to live their best lives as we only have one to live!

A few fun facts about me:

  • I lived in the same house my whole life until I got married and bought a house with my husband. Neither one of us had ever had roommates before so we were each other’s first roomies.

  • I still sleep with my baby blanket so of course my daughter has one too and thinks it’s normal.

  • I don’t watch TV and have seen few movies.

  • I’ve played basketball most of my life.

  • I love wakeboarding, snowboarding, and Justin Timberlake Concerts.

  • I love me some Champagne, Red Wine, or a cocktail with mint!

  • I have to shower after eating at a restaurant because I hate the way my hair smells. (Many smells get me)

  • I’m deathly afraid of spiders or bugs in general!

  • I've been stung by a jelly fish.

  • And I am all about leopard print!


I cannot wait to connect with so many of you and can only hope you find this space inclusive and inspiring!